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Chronicle I * August 1 2015

Welcome Back to all my dear followers, and Welcome to all the new curious faces as well! It's been so long since these creaky doors of this site have been opened and fresh air has rushed in to blow the dust around....well the doors didn't always creak and the dust wasn't always here, but this feels so overwhelming....so must I start with the proper introductions as if everyone here is not familiar at all with this place...indeed. Come , I'll simply begin with the updates...after all you didn't just come here for the free beer, good, because there isn't any....ahem, without further delay:

A Brief Introduction
Pinnoch Allow Myself to introduce... Myself, Yours truly, is
Raymond Sterling Callicoat.
Just call me Ray...unless I decide I need to use an Alias at times for some reason I prefer not be asked about. I am the creator of this little world here. With my Illustrative Story telling, I have invented a whole World with Mythologies, Chronicles, and Historical Chapters to be explored where this World, does actually exist. They will be on Showcase for your viewing pleasure in my online Theatre here as well as additional Artwork to be viewed in the Galleria! And Yes I said Theatre not "Theater". Theatre is short for Theatre Des Cassandria.
As you will learn, a few high ranking clan members in the Electric Church were very particular in keeping the name unchanged, well who was I to argue? Now if I haven't bored you to death yet let me brief you my services I offer then some history on the old site:

A Brief History
Pinnoch There was several years back another Nuclear Rock City site. This may look kind of the same, as promised I wanted to bring up some of the classics but give it a fresh brush up as well. Like the story Nuclear Rock City itself, I wanted to keep an old Gothic, ancient Egyptian look mixed with a "Star Wars" Space Age feel to it. So what on earth happened and what took so long to bring about it's resurrection you ask? Yes , I was just getting to that part...
Simple, I lost the Site! Well not so simple! Due to Tragic Mishaps during some harsh cold years where I became a ghost of my former self my present website was shut down and during some misadventures even web access for this Artist became a long lost dream. Even clutching onto my own Art was a challenge. I lost my flash drive with tons of Old Gems and back up files I watched disappear into oblivion forever. But fortunately I still had my originals in dusty corners in far away places to recover my Precious Gems to brings this all back. Much has been recovered and recreated since then , as well as the birth of new creations I want to set loose into the world. Much updating is being done, if you like to be briefed on such said events you can like my facebook page for the latest news at : http://www.facebook.com/nuclearrockcity .

The Galleria
lipaOr....just the Gallery! I suppose I should have applied some fancy title to this as well, but Gods forbid any dear followers become lost in such a place as this just trying to view the tapestries! Call this part of my online portfolio as well, just a place to view pieces of Art, Sketches, that picture of your....(oh how did that get there, ahem). This is where I may post some silly things that may have showed in publications, or public galleries, here is where I show I've painted my own Mona Lisa!
I'm posting up for now some the classic gems I have recovered. The 1st is from what I call a Special Event Gallery called Gothic Models I did back in 2003! I plan to hold many more themed Special Event Series in futures to come, until we run out of futures (I believe eternity has plenty of them so not to worry). Plenty yet is to come so by all means , stumble back here as often as you like, but bring your own spirits, our bar will still be closed until further notice.

What I do

sphereArt that I display here range from Comic Book Illustration,Children Book Illustration, and Fantasy Illustration. I make efforts to display my skills in penciling , inking, coloring, and storyboard. I seek to peek the interest of publishers of such companies in they're search for the right specialized artist. I also am open to freelance work as well. My rates will vary on the project. Please contact me at ray@nuclearrockcity.com for questions or possible discussion on arranging a project. Serious inquiries only please.

The COPYRIGHT symbol

copyright Sooo this may seem like a petty subject to throw out there, (and please forgive such rude deliverance ,not to frighten my dear followers with such a grimm tone) but this is another thing that on a personal level has held me back to publish my work. It is the Artistic dreaded fear of his work being stolen. I do have my work protected under copyright laws of course, and I do have to understand in this day of the internet there are a billion "right mouse click and savers", but say there's a dumbfuxx with no artistic talent, or no talent whatsoever, just someone who "knows people"....who wants to take off with my ideas , say they are his, Copyright and Trademark everything and leave me fucked with my own ideas. Never !!! Forbidden!!! I must be Cautious !!

Yes, I've had my experiences being approached,in attempts to be robbed of the most precious valuable gems I have to offer. I've even almost fell for some bad "writer/illustrator partnerships" (of course I was fortunate enough to really "blow it big time with him" after catching onto their evil plan when they were rushing me to get work done with vague answers to my questions, no contracts, ect)... I think Fellow Artist understand, and hopefully non artist do too. I don't mind fans and lovers of my material at all, but I detest vermin who seek to steal from others and do what was described above.
WARNING !! The eyes always see, you are being watched, so go ahead try it, I'll just be sitting right here, don't mind me, I'm just getting the popcorn out ready to have a good sinister wicked laugh! Test this warning at your own peril !!

...Understand,this is not "just a hobby", I've paid with my life and blood for many things you get to witness here.....so melodramatics aside, I simply ask , contact me at least with any interests, we can always come up with some sort of pleasant arrangement. It may surprise you how cheap I am for the right situation.
And please always respect the © symbol.


Well....That will be enough trying to scare the living crap out of possible thieves, so much to see here my Dear Followers, please read on....uh, this way, scroll back up, next column, follow me!

Dreamsphinx Statue Dreamsphinx logo

Real Estate sold here at
Nuclear Rock City
Place your AD here, for the amazing price of FREE!
Music Bands, Art shows, Events Classified, jobs, stuff for sale,ect.
(No drug deals, kid porn, or human trafficking) . I intend this site to have many viewers across this Nation.

Contact your Nuclear Local Real Estate Agent ,at Ray@nuclearrockcity.com for further details!


Theatre Doors Open !!!
Latest Exciting News to report. Yes !! The Doors to the
Theatre Des Cassandria have been open, shows are playing again, rejoice!! The cobwebs have been swept, the dust has been brushed away, give time, the renovations from the crumbling cracking rusty decor are still in the works. I have given thought it is hard to part with the charm and old romance from that era, it's like going back in time....so the ghosts will still keep their homes, and most of their favorite decor still stays as they please. Give them a chance, they make a merry gathering. At any rate Showtimes of many exciting stories are underway. As promised, the classics will be delivered, and shown 1st, for reminiscence. Also we want to give our new audience a chance to see what they missed....

Announcing showing soon will be:

the penciled thriller
The Wanderer
Art & Story by
Ray Callicoat


Also featuring Return of the long time Classic
"13th Hour Chapter I, Funeral for a Lost Soul"
Watch as Starlight falls upon a dead graveyard.....

moonvase Salem
Art & Story by Ray Callicoat

You'll also be happy to know your old comic relief buddy's Grunge Band Alien Sea Farm, Vince, Neil, & Mr.6... yes, they are still getting high and up to no good, see what trouble they get into next. Don't forget to give them a visit, they have missed you very much!

Dismayed I am by the looks on some faces I see here as I announce only the classics are being shown, when I promised new material?
Not to fear old fans, let me take this moment to announce soon the showing of the 13th Hour Chapter II, and Chapter III in finalization....much to see in the near Future, and much to see in the very near Present, please read on:

rajiel Electric Church logo
Art & Story by Ray Callicoat

The Electric Church !! It is possible over the years this title has been uttered more than once sparking some curiosity...and I in my stubbornness keep things in the dark until the interest wanes, not to torture the curious with mystery until the appeal is lost, but I prefer my presentations to be polished. Over the years I learned I simply don't have the time to make things as glittery and sparkly as Vampires in Twilight, or they will never be published....so you'll just have to accept it in all it's rough imperfections!
Where you may have heard the name before ? As I've been famous for doing, I taken names of bands I've sang lead vocals in eons ago, titles of songs and such, and turned them into titles of stories I write. I would always have a thing of promoting music with a my gimmick of my "weird comics" as they were called back in those times! At any rate the bands break up but I still keep my lyrics, artwork and stories I did. So with this said, the adventures of Electric Church was a Rock Band that began in a practice room meant for musicians to become rock stars! So it wouldn't surprise you to know 13th Hour was also a band, and the last one of my tried "rock star" career. Other than recording projects under the title Nightmare Crimson since, that was the last attempts of mixing music with illustrative stories. Full focus after went into polishing and expanding the stories. It's been a long time in production , sketches, writing , creating the world, cities, places, history, and characters are ready to leave the cradles and spread their wings by now.
celendrium hill
The story of The Mysterious Electric Church you'll witness happens to be the centerpiece of every story in these mythologies. I have divided my stories here into separate series in separate time frames. For now I will say I like to introduce 7th Century France when the 13th Hour chimes, 22nd Century America where Nuclear Rock City explodes, and now 13th Century Lattannia Italy where the focus of this story starts.
Introducing Johasson Von Haiidyn, a fairly young soul facing the night and still coming to terms with his existence....and this part of the story will have to tell itself.....
electric hill

Dreamsphinx logo

Alas were not done yet with announcing whats soon to come. Another feature series to appear in the Mythos here.... Marius Announcing Dreamsphinx, Ancient tales now that occur in Egypt 1000 BC brings us to back in time to an Aeon when Magic ruled and produced wonders we can't even fathom now. Times when Gods spoke to the Earth, Spirits roamed the lands,Temples conversed with the Constellations. Multiply that by Infinity taken to the depth of Forever and you will still not have a glimpse of the world in these times.
Introducing Marius the Dreamer, Marius the Seeker aided with his new mysterious companion Kacper, King of Treasures. Expect many adventures that take them across the world and mysterious realm's to be explored beyond in search of unique treasures. The Story will also have tell itself when the time comes ...

I hope this name and these images seem familiar by now. Dreamsphinx also happens to be the name of an online merchandise store selling unique exciting home decor. Like many businesses that grab attention with a silly gimmick, I hope these characters will capture your hearts and bring inspiration for many lifetimes to come.
Offered here are many exciting items of decor... from lanterns, candleholders, oilwarmers ; ah, and some sculpted as mythological creatures that literally appear to come to life. More details on these Treasures is told in the Merchandise section. These 2 sites are Separate Entities that work together. Please take note purchases made here also help with the funding of this site and all Art & Entertainment to be in continued production here. All are welcome and to browse at your hearts content, and if you find something that charms you, you can take home some cool souvenir that says you went to this cute little shop called Dreamsphinx in a small town called Nuclear Rock City!
icon dreamsphinx icon

For the latest news on when these sites get updated with new inventory and special sales your welcome to Like the Dreamsphinx page at http://www.facebook.com/dreamsphinx .
I hope this brief little tour here is enough to get started on your grand little adventure and more to come.... Happy Hunting !

icon Changes spoken of here are promised to be quickly underway....way sooner now that things have already been put in place to start in full motion, please check back soon or if you haven't yet please Like my facebook page
Until next time....sweet dreams.
Yours truly,
Ray Callicoat